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Discover the JP Network

REDE JP, Network of Black Journalists for Diversity in Communication, is an organization
non-governmental organization led by women that aims to make communication more diverse and
representative for a healthy democracy. We formed a network with black journalists from
all over Brazil with the objective of making communication more diversified and representative throughout
its structure. We operate on three pillars: representativeness, education and opportunity.
Seeking solutions to social problems through the democratization of communication, the
JP has based its activities on three pillars: education, representativeness and opportunity with
focus on innovation through national and international connections.
We develop important actions, courses, events, training and development incentive
professional, together with partners, in the journalistic market in Brazil, to mitigate the effects
the lack of equity in journalism through the development of workspaces, in
which the lack of racial discrimination, regional and gender diversity. Therefore, we believe and
We work to produce information that most represents the Brazilian population, in a way
plural in its diversity, strengthening the construction of a more democratic country, understanding
that journalism is one of the pillars of society.

Saiba mais sobre nós

Acesse o site da Rede de Jornalistas Pretos Pela Diversidade na Comunicação e saiba mais sobre o que estamos fazendo.

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